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History of Goldfield

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The last gold rush in the West began with a discovery around 1900 by the great Shoshone prospector Tom Fisherman. Two young Tonopah roustabouts, Harry Stimler and William Marsh, followed him to the site and staked claims in late 1902. They continued to work these claims sporadically over the ensuing months, occasionally joined by other prospectors. A brief stampede in May, 1903 to the spot they called Grandpa quickly...


Virgil Walter Earp in Goldfield

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The Earp brothers were always drawn to boom towns. Perhaps it was the rush they got from the excitement of a new town springing up with miners coming and going, the saloons, restaurants, and any number of services including financial institutions, not to mention the unbelievable flow of money. In the early 1900’s Virgil had been farming in Arizona but moved back to Colton to run for Marshal, he lost the election...


Historic Bullfrog-Goldfield Railroad Yard

Located directly across from the Santa Fe Saloon - Goldfield’s longest standing historical saloon and oldest continually operating business in town - is the alluring Historic Bullfrog-Goldfield Railroad Yard. This location is important because it was the maintenance yard for the formerly operating, historic Bullfrog-Goldfield Railroad. In the early 1900s, gold and silver mining was happening in a way that’s difficult...


Goldfield’s Historic Battle

The thermometer was toying with the century mark on Sept. 3, 1906 in Goldfield, when two men touched gloves in the center of the ring. The fight was now underway. It was the favorite—Oscar “the Battling Dane” Nelson vs “the Rank Faker” Joe Gans, as the local press described him. Although Gans was the lightweight champion, Nelson was the favorite of the crowd amassed, as he was white, whereas Gans was black. Some newspapers...


Goldfield Historic Fire Station

Yet another remarkable historic find in downtown Goldfield is the Goldfield Historic Fire Station. Originally built in 1908, the Fire Station was built during Goldfield’s infamous boom years, when the population catapulted from a few thousand to over 20,000, earning status as the largest city in Nevada in a few short years. Built in the center of town just off the main drag (or Crook Street) the building is one of the best...


Western Mining History Goldfield, Nevada

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Goldfield was the site of a rare post 1900 major gold discovery in Nevada. The ore initially was very rich, spurring rapid growth of the town from 1904 to 1908. Goldfield became Nevada's largest city with over 20,000 people. Virgil Earp was made sheriff here in 1904 and Wyatt Earp also called Goldfield home. Goldfield experienced one of the most dramatic rises and subsequent crashes of all the mining towns of the West. By the...